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2023 Swim Lessons

Swim lessons will be offered on a bi-weekly basis Monday - Thursday this summer from June 5th-Aug 4th.

All lessons offered as a 30-minute group session and instructor to swimmer ratio is set at 1:3.

Times for the swim lessons are:










If sessions fill up quickly, we are prepared to add additional times.

Due to the Club's insurance liability, children must be at least 3 years of age

Please click the below link to register your child:

Additional information to help you with filling out the form

When selecting the Level for your swimmer, here is what each level means:

  1. Total Beginner.
  2. Comfortable in water but will try to float with assistance and put face in the water.
  3. Can front and back float without assistance.  Can kick and float to instructor 5-6 feet. Comfortable jumping in with assistance.
  4. Can use arms and kick to instructor 15 feet
  5. Can swim crawl stroke with side breathing, comfortably perform backstroke 15 yards 
  6. Knows the strokes but needs work on technique.
  7. Competitive Swimmer

This information is helpful to our staff for organizing the groups.  The levels do not have to be exactly what is described above.

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